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It's up to us to be proud of our town

St Helens Star: Last chance to sign up for Dream race

9:50am Thursday 17th July 2014

AFTER reading the article about the bench thefts at Victoria Park I thought ‘can this town have nothing good?’ Attitudes like ‘well I told you if you put it there it will get vandalised or stolen’ are defeatist.

Teachers do not have an easy life

St Helens Star: Busy classroom scene

9:46am Thursday 17th July 2014

FOLLOWING some of the comments surrounding last week’s public sector strike, I still can’t understand why people think teachers have an easy life.

Politicians are 'getting worse'

St Helens Star: John Prescott

9:43am Thursday 17th July 2014

PEOPLE may call me cynical about our current crop of politicians but the next lot will probably be far worse.

Star photo: A summer scene in Taylor Park

St Helens Star:

9:39am Thursday 17th July 2014

This picture of Taylor Park boathouse in all its splendour was captured by regular Star contributor Denis Williams, of West Park.

Youth cuts are a political decision

St Helens Star:

9:33am Thursday 17th July 2014

I WRITE in response to St Helens Council’s proposed cuts to youth centres, as reported in the Star over recent weeks.

A big thank you for our diamond date

St Helens Star: Statham Lodge Hotel Wedding Fayre

9:26am Thursday 17th July 2014

WE would like to thank friends and family for the numerous cards and presents received on the occasion of our Diamond Wedding.

Little sign of compromise from those in charge!

St Helens Star: Dave Watts MP

11:12am Thursday 10th July 2014

GIVEN the situation in Iraq and news of a NHS budget shortfall of £1.7 billion, it is time to respond to the patronising pre-election letter from MP Dave Watts (Star May 8).

Is the council being economical with the truth?

St Helens Star:

10:52am Thursday 10th July 2014

THE Star’s article regarding council cuts to youth and children’s services states the council as saying a decision has yet to be made as to the closure of youth clubs.

Are you looking at me?

St Helens Star:

10:47am Thursday 10th July 2014

LILIA Hughes was chasing this tiny damselfly around her garden trying to get a picture when suddenly the little ‘chopper’ flew towards her, landed on her left hand and posed.

Derelict site next to station is an eyesore

St Helens Star:

10:42am Thursday 10th July 2014

WHAT a great shame it is that although we have a brand spanking new railway station at St Helens Central the first thing that visitors to the town see is a derelict site adjacent.

Change in law will affect young people

St Helens Star: Chancellor George Osborne announces withdrawing child benefit from those who earn more than £60,000

9:58am Thursday 10th July 2014

FOR parents of year 11 children in receipt of child benefit and child tax credit in England, the Government has increased the age to which all young people must continue in education or training, known as ‘participation age’.

Bikes stolen from Crank Caverns

St Helens Star: Police seek witnesses to Barnt Green burglary

9:52am Thursday 10th July 2014

CAN anyone help me?

What do Saints doubters think?

St Helens Star:

11:29am Thursday 3rd July 2014

I WONDER what the Saints cynics who have been writing to these pages are thinking after last Friday night’s defeat of Wigan?

Blair should keep his nose out

St Helens Star: SPEAKING OUT: Tony Blair, who gave a briefing to journalists yesterday

11:27am Thursday 3rd July 2014

SO Tony Blair could not resist putting in his two pennyworth about the situation in Iraq...a situation that may never have arisen if he hadn’t interfered and taken us to war with that country.

Self-help books can work

St Helens Star: MONEY PROBLEMS: Losing jobs and other financial worries are being blamed for a surge in referrals to Sussex mental health services

11:25am Thursday 3rd July 2014

I WELCOME the launch of books on prescription service in local libraries.

Such a shame that care home is to close

St Helens Star: File photo dated 05/12/08 of the hands of an elderly woman as two in five pensioners consider their television set to be their main form of company, a charity has warned. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Saturday May 3, 2014. Age UK said that loneline

11:19am Thursday 3rd July 2014

IT is sad that Seddon Court, a home that caters for dementia sufferers, is in danger of closing.

There's good folk in St Helens

St Helens Star:

11:01am Thursday 3rd July 2014

A BIG thank you to the person who handed-in my blue jacket.

SNAPPED BY YOU: Getting one of its five a day

St Helens Star:

10:49am Thursday 3rd July 2014

THIS magpie is getting one of its five a day as it gobbles the first rip crab-apple of the summer.

Laying down their lives - a poem to remember

St Helens Star: WARTIME MEMORIES: Poppies growing in a field

10:14am Thursday 3rd July 2014

In memory of the brave and gallant

A new bus route is soon on its way

St Helens Star: Bus firm Arriva is introducing a range of cheaper tickets for St Helens and across the region.

3:48pm Thursday 26th June 2014

We wish to assure St Helens residents that the new A10 circular bus service to replace part of the old E10 route will be operating from Monday, July 14.

Problems still with bin collections

St Helens Star: 'Staggering' scale of recycling Wirral's unwanted brown bins comes under fire

3:10pm Thursday 26th June 2014

Bin problem keeps occurring OVER the past month we have had lots of trouble with bin collections resulting in letter of apology from our MP, the Mayor and deputy bins manager.

To those who gave so much

St Helens Star: Allied forces beginning the D-Day landings in Normandy, France - Picture from the Imperial War Museum

2:57pm Thursday 26th June 2014

Remembering those who gave so much

I only have eyes for you

St Helens Star: I only have eyes for you

2:50pm Thursday 26th June 2014

THESE Great Crested Grebes were spotted doing their courtship dance at Carr Mill Dam by Denis Williams from West Park

Calling all 'lamp swingers'

St Helens Star: royal navy logo

2:39pm Thursday 26th June 2014

I would imagine that to those of your readers who served in the Royal Navy, the term ‘Swinging the Lamp’ brought a wry smile and made them think back a bit.

The heart is being ripped out of the town

St Helens Star: St Helens town centre

2:15pm Thursday 26th June 2014

ST Helens Council is responsible for the lack of decent shops and the ongoing closure of existing businesses.

Reader letter: Don't just criticise

St Helens Star: Closing down: St Helens town centre's Burtons and Dorothy Perkins will be axed

4:46pm Friday 20th June 2014

IT is not all bad news for St Helens town centre.

Is there something wrong at Saints?

St Helens Star: Paul Wellens

9:02am Friday 20th June 2014

SOMETHING is wrong at Saints. Wellens, Roby and a couple of other senior squad members cannot be relied upon every week to do a major part of Nathan Brown’s job.

Have Saints got the guts?

St Helens Star: Nathan Brown: The big challenge for our young players to improve is finding consistency

9:00am Friday 20th June 2014

AFTER watching one of the worst Saints performances I can remember against a mid-table Catalans Dragons I ask: where are the guts of this team?

Your pictures: Summertime sun

St Helens Star: Your pictures: Summertime sun

8:58am Friday 20th June 2014

READER Colin Hutton sent in this photograph of a busy bee gathering pollen from a from a lupin on a sunny June day.

Westfield Street Festival rocks

St Helens Star: Performers at the Westfield Street Festival (Pic Robbob)

8:38am Friday 20th June 2014

THE Westfield Street Music Festival was great for the town.

Reader letter: Passengers wouldn't move their bags

St Helens Star: A crowded commuter train between Brighton and London

3:42pm Thursday 19th June 2014

ON Friday, June 13, I was travelling home on the 5.16pm from Lime Street in Liverpool.

War based on deceipt

St Helens Star: Tony Blair

2:30pm Thursday 19th June 2014

THE whole of the Middle East could be on the verge on imploding because George Bush and Tony Blair decided to start a war based on innuendo and downright deceit which caused the deaths of 3,600 US and 179 British military personnel.

An hypnotically good show

St Helens Star: Former rugby league player Allan Shea is the Tranceformer

2:28pm Thursday 19th June 2014

WHAT a show! Myself and my partner bought tickets for a hypnosis show at St Helens Theatre Royal on Saturday and would like to congratulate The Tranceformer, Allan Shea, for an unbelievably great evening’s entertainment.

Kel Coslett awarded British Empire medal

St Helens Star: Kel Coslett awarded British Empire Medal

2:08pm Thursday 19th June 2014

WELL done to Kel Coslett on being honoured with the British Empire medal.

Aren't parents responsible for supervising their children?

St Helens Star: Dog muck hazard for young footballers in Horwich

12:38pm Thursday 12th June 2014

I REFER to the letter from the Angry Parent in June 5 edition. There’s a responsibility on dog owners to control their dogs and pick up their excrement.

It's simply mobile madness

St Helens Star:

12:32pm Thursday 12th June 2014

WHEN mobile phones, tablets and laptops first came on the scene I thought they would be beneficial for communication and a huge benefit for emergencies.

EFC Heritage Society search for Haydock C&B team's famous eight

St Helens Star: Press conference with Everton assistant coach Steve Round after Everton 4 Sunderland 0

12:09pm Thursday 12th June 2014

EFC Heritage Society, which researches and records the history of Everton Football Club, is trying to locate a photo dating back to 1943/44.

Boxing lub is great for all youngsters

St Helens Star: The Wildcard squad put on a show for shoppers

12:04pm Thursday 12th June 2014

I FELT compelled to write a letter to bring to people’s attention the tremendous work being done in one of the town’s most deprived areas.

Dog owners do follow the rules

St Helens Star: Dog awareness day in Chard

12:00pm Thursday 12th June 2014

I WRITE in response to the letter sent by the nameless person complaining about dogs in Taylor Park and in particular dogs around the cafe.

Electorate is not to blame

St Helens Star: Prime Minister David Cameron on his visit to E Lancs recently

11:57am Thursday 12th June 2014

CAN anybody blame the apathy being shown by the electorate?

Star Photo: A family day out at the park

St Helens Star: Star Photo: A family day out at the park

1:56pm Friday 6th June 2014

STAR reader SaintsMike took this family portrait and these five cygnets and their proud parents enjoyed a warm spell in Taylor Park.

Dogs should be on leads in parks

St Helens Star: Every dog has its day at Dogs Trust annual fair

10:53am Thursday 5th June 2014

AFTER a visit to Taylor Park with my children on bank holiday Monday I would like to say how angry, disappointed and totally disheartened I am.

Declining driving standards on the roads

St Helens Star: INQUEST: Coroner hears details of pothole's role in biker death

10:51am Thursday 5th June 2014

I HAVE been driving for 24 years and began riding motorbikes 18 months ago.

Concerns over impact to shopping centre

St Helens Star: Busy shopping centre to lose its branch of Barclays

10:43am Thursday 5th June 2014

WE are extremely proud of the Fingerpost Shopping Centre which lies at the heart of the Fingerpost community.

Sort the bins out!

St Helens Star: 'Staggering' scale of recycling Wirral's unwanted brown bins comes under fire

10:38am Thursday 5th June 2014

PERHAPS some of the 42 Labour councillors could try and get the weekly brown bin collection back or explain why it cannot be done.

Looking to tell tales of family history

St Helens Star: Family history course in Ilminster

10:32am Thursday 5th June 2014

I AM looking for a lady who rang some weeks ago about her family history which happens to be the same as mine.

Some have no manners at all

St Helens Star: FARE CALL: Pensioners facing the loss of lifeline bus services are calling to be allowed to contribute towards them.

10:11am Thursday 5th June 2014

I AGREE with last week’s letter about the poor manners of some older people.

Another company pulls out of town

St Helens Star: Burtons

10:05am Thursday 5th June 2014

I HAVE just seen that yet another shop in our town centre is set to close.

OAPs should set an example to the young

St Helens Star: Pensioners hear of threats to KGH and Whipps Cross

9:41am Thursday 29th May 2014

I HEAR and read a lot about the younger generation today lacking manners and showing a lack of respect to older people.

Old buildings left to go to ruin

St Helens Star: Lee Anderson pours a pint at the Christ Church Beer Festival

9:26am Thursday 29th May 2014

THE number of boarded-up and derelict buildings in the borough is a cause for concern.

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