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  • 12A The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Haunted by the death of Uncle Ben, Peter Parker continues to wrestle with his guilt and his new responsibilities as New York City's protector.

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  • 12A The Other Woman

    Carly is a beautiful and independent woman with a handsome boyfriend called Mark.

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  • 12A The Love Punch
    The Love Punch

    Machiavellian French businessman Vincent Kruger plunders the pension fund of Richard Jones and his colleagues.

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  • 12A Divergent

    Sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior lives in the futuristic Chicago with her brother Caleb and parents.

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  • 12A Noah

    Noah lives with his wife Naameh and sons Shem, Ham and Japheth.

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  • Universal Rio 2
    Rio 2

    Neurotic blue macaw Blu and Jewel are settled with three children in Rio.

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  • 15 The Quiet Ones
    The Quiet Ones

    Professor Coupland is convinced that there is a direct link between paranormal activity and human negative energy.

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  • 18 The Raid 2
    The Raid 2

    Bunawar, head of an anti-corruption task force, sends rookie cop Rama deep undercover in prison to befriend Uco, the son of local kingpin Bangun.

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  • 12A Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    When dark forces launch a surprise attack on S.

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  • 18 The Wolf Of Wall Street
    The Wolf Of Wall Street

    In the aftermath of Black Monday, Jordan Belfort loses his job at a well-established firm and is forced to work his way up from the bottom, selling penny stocks at a firm in Long Island.

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  • Universal Muppets Most Wanted
    Muppets Most Wanted

    The world's most deadly criminal, Constantine, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kermit except for a facial mole and strong eastern European accent, escapes from a Siberian gulag overseen by Nadya and her men.

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  • Not Rated Vikings Live From The British Museum

    Historian Michael Wood leads a private tour of the Vikings exhibition in the company of British Museum Director Neil MacGregor, curator Gareth Williams and other experts, who offer invaluable insights to the objects on display in London.

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  • 15 The Grand Budapest Hotel
    The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Zero Moustafa secures a coveted position as lobby boy at one of Europe's most celebrated establishments, the Grand Budapest Hotel, working underneath legendary concierge Gustave H.

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  • Universal Free Birds
    Free Birds

    Jake, founder member of the Turkey Freedom Front, kidnaps fellow fowl Reggie and press-gangs him into a top secret mission: to travel back in time and get turkeys off the Thanksgiving menu.

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  • Universal The LEGO Movie
    The LEGO Movie

    Emmet is an ordinary LEGO mini-figure, who is mistaken for a mythical figure known as Master Builder.

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  • Universal Mr Peabody & Sherman
    Mr Peabody & Sherman

    Sherman accidentally lets slip that his canine guardian, Mr Peabody, has a time travel machine hidden below ground.

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  • 12A Non-Stop

    During a transatlantic flight, US Federal Air Marshal Bill Marks receives a series of threatening text messages, which demand a ransom of 150 million dollars or one passenger on the aircraft will be slain every 20 minutes.

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