DAVE O’Brien seems to think Warrington is a thriving shopping area.

I live in Warrington, and I don’t think Dave has ventured out of Golden Square.

Sankey St, Bridge St and Rylands St look like a ghost town, it’s just short of the tumbleweed.

Shop after shop, empty and abandoned. We have a tiny excuse for a Post Office, within W H Smiths.

And why this fixation with W H Smiths? We have no independent bookstore, like you in St Helens who are so very well served by Wardleworths.

You have the wonderful World of Glass attraction, a first rate day out.

Every other premises that is open in Warrington is a coffee shop. No variety at all. I love your street market, it is another thing you have that we don’t.

For what it’s worth, my one and only complaint about St Helens town centre is you have too many bookies.

Other than that I would urge people who criticise St Helens to come and have a proper look at your neighbouring towns. Then go home and appreciate what you DO have!

G Brown, Warrington.