CAR parking is a popular topic in the local press recently, and three things prompted me to write in.

Some drivers have complained about the way parking is enforced, one school mounted a campaign about dangerous parking by irresponsible parents, and the council is in the red on its car parking account.

The rules about parking are made very clear to those who can read, whether on a car park, on the street, outside a school, or on yellow lines. If you flout the rules you run the risk of a penalty. If you get caught you only have yourself to blame!

Parking is not just a Town Centre matter either. Inconsiderate, irresponsible, and downright dangerous parking is rife across the borough, particularly by parents on the ‘school run’ who make the area around schools a death trap for all children, including their own.

My complaint with the council being in the red with car parking, is that rather than doing too much parking enforcement, it is doing far too little!

If more enforcement officers were employed to regularly target hot spots, especially schools, not only would they make roads safer, but they would be self financing, even making a profit which could be used to ease council budget cuts.

So come on St Helens Council, do your job…..they are your rules, enforce them!

Jim Cunliffe, West Park