SAINTS forward Jon Wilkin is not afraid of showing how uncoordinated his footballing skills are when he takes part in the celebrity soccer game at Langtree Park on Sunday.

He knows that some of the legends of the round ball game, even the ones in their late 50, will still have the touch to run rings round him in the Ginetta All Stars versus Ty-phoo Legends game at 1.30pm.

Wilkin has enlisted some stars of television to join him and has Saints skipper Paul Wellens on his side for the match in aid of his testimonial.

The opposition, made up of former professionals like Mark Wright, Dennis Irwin and Frank Stapleton, will also be bolstered by Sean Long and Paul Sculthorpe.

Wilkin said: “The ground has been used to showcase football this year – I thought this would be good to do something fun for families.

“We do quite serious stuff through the year, like forums where we are talking about rugby – it is just good to get out of that and showcase how inept we are at other sports.

“Part of it is to show how skilful their profession is. I am under no illusions how terrible we are going to look on that field.

“The likes of ex-United players Sammy McIlroy and Frank Stapleton are there to help showcase the generations.

“Paul Loughlin nominated himself for goal – he played there for Garswood and so he has putting himself under a heap of pressure,” he said.

Premiership referee Chris Foy is going to keep order on the field.

Wilkin, who admits to being an Arsenal fan, added: “I hope it is a good day – if only to see some masters of their craft.

“Wello can play a bit, I’ll have a go and Mark Flanagan is as keen as mustard to play.
“At Saints there is plenty of football banter – Wello is obsessed with man City and goes to a lot of the games.

“I support Arsenal for no other reason than when I first got a television the first thing I watched was an Arsenal match.”

Sunday’s game at Langtree Park kicks off at 1.30 – admission is £10 for one adult and child together, £5 for each concession ticket.