MYSELF and my partner Steve are great supporters of the Dogs Trust and endeavour to raise as many funds as possible for them, be it marathon running or adventure running.

During Christmas he raised £50 after growing a moustache (I know it's meant for another charity but we did say it was for the Dogs Trust). I said I would match his £50 and buy dog food for Dogs Trust in Huyton.

We went along to Pets at Home in St Helens and explained to the staff our intention to spend £100 and take it straight to the Dogs Trust in Huyton. We were cheeky and asked if they cold throw in some freebies.

They could not have been more kind and helpful. They gave us boxes of treats along with some cuddly toys for the dogs to play with, as well as adding their staff discount.

We came away with a a trolley load of foodstuffs and toys and took it to Huyton where they were extremely grateful.

Vicki Greenall and Ste Gould, Upholland Road, Billinge.