A TRAFFIC warden laughed at a Newton mum as he issued her with a parking fine outside her own home.

Neesha Vizard, 25, has lived in the same house on Southworth Road for 15 years and had never been challenged over her parking in that time.

But the mum-of-one was shocked to find a traffic warden issuing her with a fixed penalty notice in July and says his attitude was ‘appalling’ when she asked him what it was for.

Neesha told the Star that the traffic warden ‘laughed at her’ when issuing the penalty and described how he sarcastically told her she ‘would have double the problem’ because her husband had parked in the same area.

The shop assistant explained that signs had been erected in the area around 18 months ago, stating that parking was only permitted for two hours.

But with commuters parking up Southworth Road and no other access for parking near to her home, Neesha reckons that the fine was unjustified.

She said: “I feel that we are being punished unfairly for living on a busy main road with no other access for parking. We have a small child to consider getting in and out of the car and not to be able to park on the front is a nightmare.

“These signs should, in my opinion, either vanish or we should have residents only permits,” she added.

Neesha also revealed that her motor insurance does not cover her if her car is not parked outside her home, meaning that she would not be eligible for a claim if her car were damaged whilst parked further up her road.