REVISED plans to build homes on raised land at the Millfields site were given unanimous approval by St Helens Council's planning committee on Tuesday (December 5).

The proposals to create 23 four-bedroom homes on the former Triplex site have been subjected to several amendments.

In October, a decision on plans submitted by Jones Homes, to substitute 18 house plots with 23 on a natural raised plateau, had been deferred after tearful objections were made by worried residents.

Emotional pleas were heard against the proposals, citing privacy and child safeguarding concerns due to the proximity of the proposed raised homes to existing properties.

Jones Homes has since made further amendments to plans, including some lowering of plot levels and separation distances between dwellings being increased.

Fence heights behind properties have also been increased with a revised landscape and tree screening scheme drawn up.

The applicant says the changes "appear to address the dominance issues, establishing an improved degree of privacy".

One letter of support from a resident submitted stated: "We have no further objections and are happy with the proposals made through mitigation."

However, several letters of objection were still submitted since the amendments.

At Tuesday's hearing, planning officer Melanie Hale recommended plans for approval, saying: "The individual changes are not significant in themselves but cumulatively they are."

Senior planner at Jones Homes Tom Loomes told the committee that meetings had been held with concerned residents.

"I'm aware there has been further objections concerning the landscaping. In response to this the drawings submitted show the changes made."

No-one at the hearing spoke against the revised plans.

Committee member Cllr Martin Bond said: "Residents aren't here and are not objecting anymore.

"I welcome the changes they made and it's self-evident that they're happy now."