A MOBILE police station has been set up in a car park in an effort to tackle yobs.

The station has been placed off Millfields in Eccleston, in a car park used for the Sainsburys local store, White Cross Vets and Subway.

A spokesman said: "The Mobile Police Station and two police community support officers from Team 1 St Helens Local Policing are currently in Millfields, Eccleston to tackle youth related anti-social behaviour in the area."

The site is near Holme Road, which leads up to Taylor Park, where officers have had to deal with numerous complaints of disorder on an evening.

The latest incident happened on Friday when officers had to deal with a group of youths in the park.

Reports suggested a large number had been drinking.

A police spokesman added: "A number were extremely drunk and had to be taken home.

"A quantity of alcohol was seized and destroyed.

"Did you know where your children have been? Have they returned home drunk?"

Residents say groups of youths have increasingly used the car park as an area to congregate on an evening.