STAR Wars actor Ken Colley will be among the guests to appear at St Helens Town Hall for the area's first comic con this July.

Ken, 69, who is best known for playing imperial officer Admiral Firmus Piett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi in the saga's original triolgy, has been announced as the latest guest for the event.

Ken's character is made commanding officer of the Super Star Destroyer, Executor, by Darth Vader.

Meanwhile, a prop used for the Dolorean time machine car in the Back to the Future films will also be at the event for fans to have their pictures taken with.

Other confirmed guests include Jon Davey, who has played a Cyberman in Doctor Who and has starred in the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Also to appear is Tim Perkins, who has been a graphic designer in the comic book and children's books industries since 1983,  and has worked for Marvel UK, 2000AD, Marvel US, DC comics, Defiant, Tekno, Caliber, Fleetway, Newsstand, and Toontastic amongst others.

Also on the guest list is Harry Potter actor Josh Herdman, who played Gregory Goyle in the megahit fantasy series.

Comic con takes place at the town hall on Saturday, July 15 with the event is organised by Wonky Rockets Events, who have brought comic con events across the North West.

"We do several comic cons and we thought St Helens was a prime target," said Neil Livesey, of Wonky Rockets Events.

" It has never had a comic con before and the town hall is a great venue for something like that with a great forecourt we can get some big props in and lots more to see inside."

Doors will be open from 10.30am to 5pm on the day with early bird access from 9.30am.

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