LAUGHTER really is the best medicine... or, at least, it helps the medicine go down.

And this year, laughter will be the theme of a breast cancer awareness event to be held at Langtree Park.

On Friday, October 10, the 'Laughter Cures' evening, organised by the Burney Breast Unit at St Helens Hospital, will welcome special guest Pauline Daniels, the Merseyside comedienne who has recently battled with the disease herself.

The aim of the evening's entertainment is to raise awareness of health and wellbeing after a diagnosis of breast cancer. It will bring together patients, staff and volunteers for a night of laughter, learning and fun to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Dr Chagla, Consultant Surgeon and Lead Clinician at St Helens Hospital, said: “Our past events have been a tremendous success thanks to the support of our patients and the local community.

"This year we hope to do even better by coming together and sharing laughter.

"We want to promote that there is life after cancer and that life can be fulfilling and empowering.

"Even if you do not believe that ‘laughter cures’, you cannot deny it does no harm and does make you feel better.”

As well as Pauline Daniels, former British Army Corporal Andy Reid will attend the event and talk about his time in Afghanistan and how laughter helped him to get through some of his toughest times as a soldier.

Besides this, there will be appearances by experts in laughter therapy and laughter yoga

The event follows on from past events the ‘Breast of British' fashion show in 2010 and ‘Strictly at Saints’ in 2012. These events helped to promote 'life after breast cancer' and celebrated the experiences of patients, highlighting the positive outcomes that modern breast cancer care can achieve.

The 2010 fashion show saw stars from St Helens Rugby League Football Club gliding down the catwalk with patients and staff from the unit, with ‘Strictly at Saints’ showing off the fancy footwork of patients and staff alike.

Tickets for 'Laughter Cures', which takes place between 6 and 9pm, will be priced at £15 for adults and £10 for children. They are available from the General Office, St Helens and Whiston hospitals.