A CAMPAIGN is to be launched to increase awareness of the dangers around the home posed to children.

Backed by St Helens Council’s Trading Standard’s department, it will highlight the threat from common household items including button cell batteries, plastic nappy bags, window blind cords and detergent liquitabs.

At least ten babies have died in England and Wales after pulling plastic nappy sacks on to their faces and since 1999 27 babies and toddlers have died after getting entangled in window blind cords and chains.

There are also cases of children biting into liquitabs which are used instead of washing powder or liquid. They contain strong alkaline chemicals which can burn and make the throat swell if swallowed.

Button cell batteries are often found in toys and watches but can react with saliva and cause severe acid damage to the throat, stomach or internal organs.

As part of the campaign four posters have been produced which provide safety advice and will be distributed to GP surgeries, libraries and nurseries.

Any other groups wanting copies of the posters can contact Trading Standards on 01744 676304 or tradingstandards@sthelens.gov.uk.