EVER since little Jack Mordecai was a tot it has been his dream to move around with freedom like other children.

The six-year-old was born 13 weeks premature and a scan revealed cysts on the left side of his brain when he was 20 days old. Then at 12 months came the devastating diagnosis that he suffered from cerebral palsy.

The Lansbury Bridge pupil has been unable to walk or sit unaided since and also went through a double-hip reconstruction in March following severe dislocations of the joints.

But Jack, his family and friends have never given up on him being able to roam about and play. And so an an extensive campaign was launched to raise enough money to help the Clinkham Wood youngster enjoy the independence of moving around in his own motorised wheelchair.

Now, after coverage featured heavily in the Star, a community has rallied to rake in the funds. The appeal will also buy vital equipment to help Jack, the youngest of four siblings, deal with his condition as well.

Jack's parents Andrea and Nigel say they are “overwhelmed” by the support they have received.

Andrea, 45, told the Star: “I’m thrilled with how it’s gone. We’ve got money coming in left, right and centre into the account now. It’s unbelievable and we’ve gone past the target.

“We’ll have the wheelchair in the next four to six weeks and we also have enough for a standing frame for him to use at home and probably for some physio as well.”

More than £2,000 was raised at a recent event held at Moss Bank Labour Club called ‘Together We Unite’. The evening saw entertainment include music, a raffle, buffet and disco.

She added: “We had the group Titors Insignia who were absolutely brilliant and a lad from the estate playing the guitar too. And some lads did the Full Monty too!

“We took Jack there at seven until around 8.30pm, when he got bit tired, so people could see him on the night. He also recently celebrated his sixth birthday and had a brilliant day.

“It was great seeing people coming together and to see some old faces too. Seeing the community getting together is really nice.”