SAINTS fans have voiced their anger after a series of traffic diversions caused major delays to their return home from Hull on Friday night.

Supporters and journalists told the Star how their disrupted journeys led to them returning home at 3am on Saturday following the match, which Saints lost 19-12.

They were left dismayed by an apparent confusing and uncoordinated series of diversions on the A63 and M62 that led to them driving around in circles.

It is understood some people gave up altogether on trying to find a correct route home in the early hours and checked into a hotel.

Many took to Twitter via the RedVee.Net Saints fans' forum to tell of their frustration.

Fans felt there should have been clear warnings made public ahead of the game about potential traffic disruption.

One supporter, Julie Devanney, of Islands Brow, wrote in an email to the Star: "It was all looking good until we reached the road diversions on the A63 and M62. They were not clearly signed and we were directed to the M18.

"On driving many miles out of our way and driving past services which were closed we arrived at another diversion which took us back along the M18 on the opposite side of the road; therefore leading us back to the M62 junction we required, which was closed.

"It was unbelievable to realise that we had been driving for one hour and found ourselves almost back in Hull.

"By this time I really could not see us getting home, I was exhausted and upset. Fortunately and by chance, we stopped at a petrol station on the way to Rawcliffe.

"We were met by many other Saints fans together with other people from Yorkshire. There were cars and coaches there; everyone topping up their tanks with fuel for fear of running out due to driving round aimlessly trying to follow the ‘diversions’."

Staff at the petrol station provided directions that put the supporters on a course home.

But Julie added: "I was concerned for fellow fans who were travelling alone, were old, young or vulnerable in any other way.

"I have no doubt many people were out of pocket, however, this is not about compensation it’s about ensuring the safety and sanity of people travelling on our roads."