IT WAS very much a family affair for three sporting brothers from Clock Face who all celebrated achieving their first black belts in karate together.

Elliot McGibbon, and his younger brothers Samuel and Bailey were all presented with their first dan black belts.

The siblings reached the landmark together after taking up the martial art nearly four years ago.

Elliot, Samuel and Bailey all started attending the Tashiken Martial Arts Training club on Matthews Grove under the guidance of sensei Carl Jones.

Elliot, 15 and Samuel, 12, both attend De La Salle High School, in Eccleston, while Bailey goes to St John Vianney Primary School.

“I’m so proud of them and they were all thrilled that they passed, they had to put in a lot of hard work,” said the boys’ mother, Emma Rice.

“They all started together and have all been attending the same karate club for four years now.”

And the family’s interest does not stop there with the boys’ younger brother, five-year-old Jake Rice having also taken up the martial art.

“They are all going to continue with their karate and attend their classes and support their younger brother Jake who is a yellow belt and eager to follow in his brothers’ footsteps,” added Emma.