THREE women are helping to spread goodwill across the town after launching an online community.

Kate Blackburn, 44 along with friend Wendy McComish and Helen Caddock, of Nutgrove have created a special movement which aims to provide for the neediest in the town.

‘People Help The People’ is a community based entirely on Facebook which aims to bring together those in need with those who want to give.

People can join the Facebook group and see what help is needed and whether they are able to give it.

Items offered can range from clothes, food, furniture, electrical appliances and much more.

Originally started in London, the movement was introduced to Liverpool in the September of last year.

And with the Liverpool group growing rapidly - it has13,000 members already - Kate, Wendy and Helen are hoping that community spirit can be spread throughout St Helens.

“It launched a couple of months ago and we are still building,” said Kate, who is a former charity shop volunteer.

“We want more people to hear about this and get the movement growing.

“People can offer anything and as long as people are in genuine need we will try to help. I’m the one driving round delivering things to people.

“At the moment the three of us are based in our own houses, although we are looking to have a base at some stage.”

The St Helens group so far has about 1,400 members with the group operating on a ‘first to comment gets the item’ basis.

“It feels absolutely fabulous to be helping people with this. I’m really happy, especially with the neediest cases. There was one case where we helped a lady who had suffered domestic violence and gave her a bike.”

Following its introduction to the North West in Liverpool by Mark Smith, from Whiston, the movement now has Facebook groups in several towns of the region including St Helens and Widnes. There are plans to take it to every town in the country within the next six months.

“It feels like I’m making a difference to change people’s lives,” added Mark.

“We want to let people know that we are here to help them and we’re hoping to be able to get official charity status too.”