HUNDREDS of people from St Helens are expected to descend on Liverpool for the Giant Spectacular today.

As people visiting, working or living in the city are being advised to plan ahead and leave plenty of time for their journey here's a timetable and route for Memories of August 1914 event on Saturday and Sunday.




Saturday, July 26


10.00am - 1.30pm (Approx)

Leave Newsham Park at 10.00am via Gardners Drive and Sheil Road, onto her bus in Kensington, onto Low Hill, Erskine Street and Islington, hopping off her bus onto Commutation Row to William Brown Street and arrives at Queensway Tunnel entrance at 1.30pm.


4.30pm - 7.30pm (Approx)

Following a siesta at Queensway Tunnel entrance, they will wake up at 4.30pm, and leave via Old Haymarket, Victoria Street, Crosshall Street, Dale Street, Castle Street, James Street, across The Strand onto Mann Island, continue on Canada Boulevard, Water Street, New Quay, Bath Street, Waterloo Road to arrive at Clarence Dock at 7.30pm.



10.00am - 1.00pm Approx)

Wakes up in Newsham Park at 10.00am, leaves via Gardners Drive, Sheil Road, onto Kensington, Low Hill, Erskine Street and Islington, onto Commutation Row and William Brown Street, passes the Queensway Tunnel entrance, up Old Haymarket and St John's Lane and arrives at St George's Hall at 1.00pm.


4.30pm - 7.30pm (Approx)

Leaves St George's Hall at 4.30pm after a siesta, walks down Queen Square Bus Station, Whitechapel, Paradise Street, Liver Street, The Strand, onto Mann Island, continue on Canada Boulevard, Water Street, New Quay, Waterloo Road, arrives at Clarence Dock at 7.30pm.



Sunday, July 27


10am - noon (Approx)

All the Giants wake up at Clarence Dock and leave at 10.00am, walk on Waterloo Road, Bath Street, New Quay and The Strand onto Canning Dock where they will depart at noon (approx). The Giants will then leave Liverpool down the River Mersey.

Are you going to see the Giants?

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