IT will be a homecoming gig to remember for Rainford lad Matthew McFegan as his band Arcane Bronze joins the bill for the Rainford Summer Festival 2014.

Arcane Bronze have been invited back to the summer bash for the second consecutive year – and this time it looks to be even bigger.

Since last summer former Rainford High pupil Matthew and his band have been busy recording their debut album and playing gigs across the north west.

Matthew, 18, said: “It’s been a crazy year for Arcane Bronze (pictured).

“We recorded and released our debut album at the start of the year and have not stopped writing more material since.”

Inspired by the likes of legend rockers Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age, Arcane Bronze have a heavy rock sound which is growing more and more popular among the music industry. Their self-titled debut Arcane Bronze features tracks such as Out of Key, which emulates the likes of recent chart-toppers Royal Blood.

Using gigs across the borough to test out their material, the band have received a positive reception and Matthew looks to use the homecoming gig as an opportunity to showcase his individual skill.

The lead guitarist said: “It’ll be a fun experience to play at my old high school. I haven’t been there since the festival last year, which was amazing.

“After the Rainford Summer Festival gig, we are playing at The Castle Hotel in Manchester at the end of July. It seems the gigs are getting bigger and bigger.”

Last year’s Rainford Summer Festival drew more than 3,000 people, and this year crowds will no doubt be delighted with Arcane Bronze’s modern rock sound.

Arcane Bronze’s debut album is available to download via their ‘bandcamp’ page at