THE full route for a parade of giant marionettes in Liverpool to commemorate the outbreak of World War One has been announced.

Memories of August 1914 will take in Liverpool landmarks including St George's Hall, the Chinese Arch, the waterfront and the city's cathedrals.

Little Girl Giant and her dog Xolo will explore the city while Grandmother searches for them.

The event, running from Wednesday, July 23 to Sunday, July 27, will end with the three giants sailing away on the River Mersey.

It is anticipated that hundreds of people from St Helens will travel to the city to catch a glimpse of the event.

A story will be retold about the outbreak of the war and part of the show will be dedicated to the Liverpool Pals battalions.

Memories of August 1914 planned route for July 25. The show is one of many events that will be taking place across the country over the next four years to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the war.

During the first two days, Grandmother will "sleep" in the Great Hall in St George's Hall.

Royal de Luxe, the French street theatre company behind the event, said the main action would start on July 25, when Little Girl Giant "wakes up" at the Queensway Tunnel.

On July 26, the puppets will follow a different route Grandmother will then leave St George's Hall and will be reunited with the two other giants in Newsham Park at about 8pm.

On July 26, the puppets will follow a different route.

The following day will end at Clarence Dock, ahead of the giants boarding a ship at Canning Dock on July 27.

During the event, the giants will cover 30 miles in total.

Memories of August 1914 comes two years after a Titanic-inspired show called Sea Odyssey, which saw the little girl and her dog search the city for her uncle.

On July 27, all the puppets will walk from Clarence Dock to Albert Dock.