A DEVELOPER is giving Star readers the chance to name a woodland burial ground that is being created on the outskirts of a village.

As revealed by the Star, GreenAcres Woodland Burial is making the final resting place on grounds of the Knowsley estate.

The £1million park will cover 27 hectares of private woodland and meadowland off Blindfoot Road, Rainford.

But before it can open its doors to the public, the ground needs a name.

Nicky Whichelow, marketing manager at the developer, said: “Emma Wood Woodland Burial – the site’s working title – does not quite roll off the tongue. So we want to decide upon a name.

“The park name needs to end in Woodland Burials but apart from that suggestions are open to your imagination.

“The prize for the winning suggestion is a tree on the park dedicated to a named individual or a family as well as an invitation to the grand opening.”

GreenAcres’ first step is to ensure woodland work that needs to be carried out is completed in March.

The site is made up of two 19th and 20th century plantations – Emma Wood and Grace’s Wood.

The land will become a venue for full burials, ashes burials or woodland services.

The investment is expected to be more than £1million in the first year and 12 on-site jobs will be created when the park is completely open by late autumn. People can buy plots in advance, meaning they will be able to choose their final resting place at designated burial trees. The park will welcome people of all beliefs and denominations.

Graves will be marked by wooden plaques or carvings and although there will be no cremations on site ashes can be interred.

SEND your suggestions to Nicky Whichelow, GreenAcres Woodland Burial via info@greenacreswoodlandburials or pop a letter in the post marked FREEPOST GREENACRES WOODLAND BURIALS.

Do not forget to include your name, address, email and phone number. Entries need to be in by Monday, February 11. For information visit greenacreswoodlandburials.co.uk