IT was a ‘Dream’ wedding in more ways than one for a couple, who met in the shadow of the stunning statue and married six months later.

Kerri Walker and Lee Abbott tied the knot at St Helens Register office on 12/12/12, before travelling to the scenic spot in Sutton Manor, to release a pair of doves.

Fitness trainer Lee and former aerobics instructor Kerri, thought they were not ready to settle down, but now they have married, and are also expecting their first child together.

Speaking to the Star just before the big day, Kerri, 33, from Newton told how they met: “Lee was running up there and I was walking my two dogs.

“We sort of recognised each other because we have mutual friends. We had both come out of relationships, so it’s ironic really. We arranged to meet up and it became a regular thing to go to Dream. And now we’re having a ‘Dream’ wedding. It’s such a lovely place.

“We have also ordered titanium rings and there is a titanium compound in Dream. It’s going to be nice at Christmas.”