DO you fancy buying a Christmas present with a big local flavour and helping Willowbrook Hospice into the bargain?

St Helens and Pilkington Glass have a long entwined history, with the company employing thousands of people from the area since it began in 1826.

A Glass Act, written by David Pilkington, is a first-hand account of the union between the Pilkington family and flat glass. It covers 150 years, from the founding of the company in 1826 to the climax of Floats success in 1976.

It offers a highly-readable description of the major glassmaking techniques in operation during that period and previously, as well as lively re-imaginings of key moments in the story.

It’s the story of 170 years and five generations of commitment by the Pilkington family to the mysterious stuff called glass, as told by a member of the fourth generation.

David Pilkington was born in 1925, and died in 2010, the son of Colonel Guy Pilkington, he lived at Fairfield in Crank.

He became engineering director at Pilkington when float glass was developed, and was the last Pilkington on the board.

Irene Dixon became secretary to David Pilkington more than 50 years ago, and helped him write the book.

The book is on sale for £8, and all proceeds are to go to Willowbrook Hospice at David’s request.

She is delighted to have raised so much, and said it was a lovely way to honour David and Willowbrook.

The book is available from Willowbrook Hospice Campaign Office. Call 01744 453798 for more information.