A ST HELENS Oxjam event will be held at the Citadel this Saturday showcasing a variety of artists.

Among the acts will be established local band Stillia, whose fan base continues to grow.

The other acts will include four-piece indie/rock band The Patriots, alternative DreamPop band HUME and acoustic singer songwriter.

And the other act to perform on the night will be female-led group Scarlet.

The five-piece band features lead singer Jessie Robinson, along with guitarists Adam Cunliffe and Ryan Lee, bass guitarist Gianluca Rizzuto and Conor Williams on the drums.

Formed in April of this year by Jessie, the group has performed at venues from the night and day cafe in front of 30 people in Manchester to Grassington Park tent in front of 1,500 people in Huntingdon.

“I personally love working on the band. It's my full time job,” former De La Salle pupil Jessie told the Star.

“I have two days bar work a week but that is purely to find my music- I'm skint all the time but it's worth it!

“People don't seem to understand that when they ask me if I have a job, I say I'm full time with the band, 9am-11pm most days and they look at me like I'm mad.

“I tell them I work in a bar two nights a week and they seem to accept that. I don't understand it at all though, I'd much rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable, stuck doing something I hate!

“The music we perform has been compared to joy division and the Sundays- two quite contrasting bands. It's all written from the heart and it's mostly dark subjects with a happy theme put over them.

“On Saturday we’re performing our set including our debut single- which is yet to be released.”

Oxjam is an annual national charity music festival which raises money for Oxfam, who help to fight poverty worldwide.

Tickets are £5 from the Citadel Box Office on 01744 735436. Doors open 7.30pm