A MOTHER devoted to bringing up her son who suffers from cerebral palsy is hoping to raise funds to buy a motorised wheelchair that will give him the freedom he craves.

Five-year-old Jack Mordecai, of Carr Mill, was born prematurely at 27 weeks before a scan showed cysts on the left side of his brain when he was 20 days old. And when he was 12 months old the devastating diagnosis was made that he had cerebral palsy.

Jack is the youngest of four siblings, who are Dylan, 12, Michael, 23 and Kerry, 28.

So far Jack has been unable to walk or sit unaided and recently underwent a doublehip reconstruction following severe dislocations.

“We’re told it’s more than likely that he’ll never walk but we will always hold out hope,”

says Jack’s mum Andrea, who gave up her full-time job in finance to look after her son.

“He has been in and out of hospital and is constantly picking up viruses and has difficulty breathing. A couple of times it has been touch and go,” added Andrea, 45.

Funds are needed to help the Lansbury Bridge pupil’s mobility.

It is hoped enough money can be raised to buy a motorised wheelchair which would give him independence.

The chair will cost between £4,000 to £8,000. “Since the reconstruction we are hoping to enable him to move independently. It would make such a huge difference to his life to be able to move himself about.

“He’s at that age now where he is aware of his disability and sees other children moving around. He’s a clever lad and is able to talk so it will take some of that pain away.

We just want to make him as happy as possible.”

Funds will also enable Jack to have daily use of a standing frame at home helping to strengthen his legs.

In addition, Jack needs physiotherapy on a daily basis rather than the half an hour a week he receives at school.

Andrea added: “We had never thought about fundraising because we know how much people are struggling with day-to-day living costs. But we were approached by Paul Hatton, who works with our daughter Kerry’s fiancé Ian at Pilkingtons and asked could he raise some money for Jack doing a Tough Mudder obstacle course.

“At the same time we were invited to the George Hotel under false pretences and the regulars presented us with £850.”

So far £2,390 has been raised towards Jack’s funds with The Moss Bank Slimming World group, based at St Patrick’s Church also raising more than £500.

The next fundraising event for Jack will be held at Haresfinch Social Club on Saturday, July 26 arranged by Trisha Highcock, of Jays Mini Market. Tickets by calling into the Wythburn Crescent store or contacting Trisha on Facebook.

To donate towards Jack’s fund contact andreamordecai@aol.com.