A YOUNG ice cream man who has amassed millions of views for his 'behind the scenes' videos will pitch up for Saints' huge Good Friday derby game against Wigan.

Early last year, the Star reported on the unique story of Jordan Edwards who revived one of his childhood joys to launch his first ice cream business, JJs Ices.

Previously working as a football coach in America, the 27-year-old had a "crazy" first year serving the communities of Moss Bank, Billinge, and Garswood, but after placing an increased focus on social media, he said that the business has "exploded" as he plans for the year ahead.

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St Helens Star: Jordan launched JJ Ice's in early 2023Jordan launched JJ Ice's in early 2023 (Image: Jordan Edwards)
After enjoying a couple of months' break in Thailand over the winter off-season, Jordan has been making plans for JJs and has "treated social media like a job" in the hope of drawing further attention to his business.

This social media focus, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, has grown JJ's reputation far beyond what the former Cowley High student could have imagined, with his 'behind the scenes' videos of making ice cream favourites amassing millions of views, likes, and shares.

Speaking about the business Jordan, from Haydock, said: "I thought last year was good in terms of business but this year has just been a whole different level.

"I'm not 100 percent what's caused it but I think by treating social media like a job, being transparent, and letting people see the process inside the van has been a big factor.

"I've been getting so many messages from people all over the world, from people asking for franchises in Europe and people visiting from London, the Lake District and Ireland.

"It has just gone up and up and up and I didn't think it would explode as much as it has."

St Helens Star: Jordan's videos have gone viral on social mediaJordan's videos have gone viral on social media (Image: Jordan Edwards)
Following the success of his ice cream business, Jordan had been contacting Saints to use the stadium as a potential park-up point before home games.

Saints have now agreed to JJ's parking outside the stadium ahead of the Good Friday derby against Wigan, one the biggest Super League games of the season.

With Saints players already using JJ Ices, Jordan believes that the partnership is a "perfect fit" as the social media post confirming this has already had thousands of likes and comments from star players.

Jordan, whose dad John is also in the ice cream business, added: "Jonny Lomax commented on the post and he often comes to the van with his family, he always gets the ten ball sherbert!

"We're treating the Good Friday game as a trial run but with my social media following now, I think it's a perfect fit, especially with me being from St Helens and the van being red and white."

Hoping that the Saints pitch-up can become a regular thing at home matches, Jordan will continue serving the communities of Moss Bank, Billinge, and Garswood as he plans for a busy year ahead.

If business continues to grow, Jordan is also thinking about long-term plans that could see further vans, workers, and franchises of JJ Ices in the future.