YOUNG Ones star Nigel Planer made a surprise visit to St Helens Theatre Royal on Thursday.

Nigel called in at the town centre theatre ahead of his new play All Above Board showing there on September 14.

Nigel called in unexpectedly and Theatre Royal staff were shocked when they saw the former Blackadder and The Young Ones star call in like just any other member of the public.

Nigel was in St Helens for rehearsals ahead of the world premiere of the play.

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A synopsis of All Above Board reads: "An unlikely bunch of modern-day do-gooders try to make the world a better place, but lose the plot, their morals and even their clothes in all the best traditions of classic British farce.

"Timothy Upton-Fell has quit the world of banking and now - for all the wrong reasons – wants to give something back and help those less fortunate. Along with his brazen and shameless PR agent, Florence he plans a charity auction to raise money for good causes. He misguidedly enlists the help of narcissist TV personality, Matthew Board – a man clearly on the edge in more ways than one. Matters are made worse by Sir Ommany John, a elderly world-famous artist who still has an eye for the ladies; Katia, a confused Finnish exchange student and not to mention Timothy’s crazed ex-wife, Cressida who is out for revenge…and will Walji the plasterer ever turn up?

"The doors slam and the double entendres flow and with more misunderstandings and mayhem than you can shake a charity collection box at, this play will have you in stitches and make you question if things really are, All Above Board."

‘Don’t ask me…It’s All Above Board!’