TWO ambulance workers who tried to rescue a seven-year-old who drowned in a hotel pool while on holiday are urging parents not to leave their children alone in water.

Emergency medical technicians Adam Lawrenson and colleague Carl Hodson, both 33, were on holiday with their families in Crete when the tragedy happened on Wednesday last week (July 31) at the Aqua Sun Village.

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The two dads were with their children waiting for the restaurant to open when they heard screams.

They rushed to the pool area and gave the girl CPR and tried to clear her airways and revive her for a period of 45 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

Tragically the girl, who was from Israel, died in hospital.

But Adam believes the tragedy could have been prevented had there been better medical equipment at the hotel.

"We were just in the bar area and we heard the screaming," said Adam, from Sutton Manor.

"We were there for 45 minutes before they could get an ambulance to us. What upset me most is knowing what we could have done if they had the right kit and when they did bring kit it was all broken. The oxygen equipment was broken and the defibrillator was broken.

"It was such a tragedy and could have been prevented.

"There were 300 people around the pool and we ended up shouting to get people out the way."

Now Adam wants to warn parents about making sure their children are always properly supervised while on holiday.

"We just want other people to watch their children when they are away, we want to warn them of the dangers," he said.

The girl's body was taken to the Heraklion University Hospital, where director Giannnis Fanourgiakis told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) that ‘all evidence correlates with drowning’.

Two women who were managing the hotel were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter by negligence, The National Herald has reported.

A Travel Republic spokesperson said: “Firstly we are very saddened to hear of this incident and we have been in contact with Travel Republic customers who had witnessed the incident to offer counselling.

"For regulatory reasons, we cannot comment on anything that has been witnessed as it is under investigation with our health and safety team.

"As a precautionary action, the hotel was removed from our website at the time we were informed of the incident and we are currently arranging alternative accommodation for future bookings.”