I’VE been shocked at the behaviour of teenagers marauding the town centre.

Sometimes in groups around two dozen, they are intimidating and the language used leaves plenty to be desired.

I’ve witnessed a large group of them tormenting someone that has just been released from prison, which could have ended badly for the teenagers.

Fortunately, the recipient of this abuse, who suffered a slap on the back of his head while sitting on a bench in Church Square, decided to walk off and not retaliate.

To my dismay, he was followed and his tormentors continued to bully him.

The way I see it, they got away from a precarious situation as the man was under the influence and mentally struggling.

My questions are: how long is it going to be till someone gets hurt and what measures have been taken to safeguard the public?

I’ve been racially abused 25 times in the 24 years living here.

Once in Sheffield in 2002 and 24 times in St Helens in six years.

I’m hoping I won’t crack.

Name and address submitted