I WELCOME the news that St Helens may have a new railway station at Carr Mill.

Grumbles regarding whether we should be part of the Liverpool City Region aside, I’m intrigued to learn that the introduction of Merseyrail trains into the town is not cut and dried

Your article on March 21 suggests that, as the line is operated by Northern, new lines could be created to link up to the Merseyrail network.

Could there then be the potential to finally reopen the St Helens Junction to Central link line perhaps to boost transport links across the town and beyond?

Junction seems particularly neglected in recent years.

Once the most active line to Liverpool and Manchester with three or four trains per hour, you’re now lucky if you get one train each hour, making commuting out of the town difficult.

If I want to travel five minutes up the line to Warrington for example, I have to change at Earlestown and wait 50 minutes for a connecting train.

Anything that links things up to make commuting easier is good in my book.

Mark Cunliffe, Sutton