CAN St Helens Council please stop pretending that the CYCLOPS junction has been a good idea?

To see a press release sent out on the Facebook page using cyclists – which they must have staged as I’ve never seen any around here wearing gear like that – to promote yet more works to inconvenience people who don’t live in the leafy areas of Eccleston and Windle is just beyond a joke now.

I’ve lived in this town for 54 years.

 I don’t like how the council have not invested early enough in the town to make a good enough change for us to compete with the likes of Warrington and Widnes and even Prescot now... and now with the road changes it’s getting too much.

I am a resident of Sutton Leach and now go around the houses to avoid the CYCLOPS junction full stop, which must inevitably have a knock-on effect for nearby businesses The Bull and Dog and Dominoes.

I feel for them, but to be stuck in filter lanes when it was a perfectly safe and good roundabout before is beyond a joke.

I agree with Chris Shaw’s letter saying that there are now blind spots.

I have been driven on this junction twice now – I refuse to drive on it myself – and I felt unsafe both times.

Name and address submitted