I GREATLY enjoy the photos by members of St Helens Star Camera Club shown in this paper.

The photos each week are based on a theme and are excellent.

Could I suggest, however, that the same themes week after week can become a little boring. Taylor Park and Carr Mill Dam are regularly shown.

Why not have a different theme?

I would suggest a title such as: The Artistry of Potholes in St Helens.

We, the residents of St George’s Avenue in Windle, regularly enjoy a spectacle which resembles The Great Lakes of Canada after a night of rain.

The residents of the greater part of St Helens would then be able to see and enjoy along with us, through the pages of your paper, the Lake District on their doorstep.

The ‘white paint man’ who goes around the borough marking two or three minor potholes in random areas would have to bring a bigger can of paint and a bigger brush.

His token gesture on behalf of his employers would then make his job worthwhile.

Windle resident, details submitted