MAY I start by saying that I didn’t think there was any reason to change the layout by the Bull & Dog as there have hardly ever been any accidents there and think the money could have been used more wisely.

However, it is now done and I have to say I try to avoid using this new system where possible for a number of reasons.

Since the changes, there are now blind spots, lack of cars signalling and jumping lanes. If you are turning right on to Mill Lane, you can’t see if it’s clear to go due to traffic turning in front of you to go up Chester Lane, in fact you have to nudge forward slowly especially at peak time - which may cause an accident,

Vehicles are also going down the right hand lane as if to turn right then going straight ahead to beat the long queues.

The turning point for large articulated lorries is very tight and has not been given enough consideration. Being an ex-HGV driver, in a tight situation you would have to use both lanes to access Mill Lane when coming from Marshalls Cross Road and there’s  always the chance of a car coming on the inside of you in this manoeuvre.

Sadly, I think it has been badly designed and the fact that not all drivers use common sense, signal and abide by the new road layout mean incidents will occur.

Chris Shaw, Sutton