CLLR Baines is ignoring residents’ clear message that they hate the changed recycling strategy.

His argument is: one recycling bin would be more costly partly because the government intend to change the national rules to a similar scheme to the new multi-container strategy.

However, things are not that simple.

Firstly,  the government have not done that so his statement is, at best, premature.

Secondly, there will be an election shortly so a new government are hardly likely to see this as the number one priority.

Thirdly, the council could simply stick with the current arrangements until a government advises what the new national rules are.

(This would save the council money by avoiding purchasing more bags that quickly become outdated).

It is not that long ago that the planned strategy from the council was not bags, bags and more bags but a multi-drawer approach, remember that ?

So, St Helens Council is at the vanguard of recycling is it ?

Every other local authority is wrong ?

The public are wrong ?

I suggest the council are crazy and need to read the room.

Any sensible opposition party will make this an issue in future local elections.

Keep the present scheme until change in the national strategy is defined, then ensure our changes mirror that.

Kevin McMullen, Thatto Heath