IN response to the council leader’s explanation over why we can’t have ‘one bin’ for St Helens recycling.

It is an interesting statement but unconvincing given my local council’s system.

An ex-St Helens resident, here in Cambridgeshire we have a much simpler system: green wheelie bin for garden and food waste; blue wheelie bin for paper, plastics and metal containers; black bin bag for non-recyclables.

Our recycling centre, when built, was described as state-of-the-art and can separate these mixed materials.

It was expensive to build but the area has very high recycling rates.

There is no suggestion that this scheme doesn’t work or will be replaced.

Perhaps the reason St Helens can’t have a similar system is down to the need to invest money in an up-to-date system and hence the explanation given?

Terry Hayes, Cambridgeshire