I’D just like to commend the council on the latest plans for the former site of Chalon Way car park.

When they knocked it down I honestly and truly felt like nothing would be done with the area, but seeing the plans for the pop ups with the shipping containers, it's given me a bit of hope that good times are coming again to St Helens.

I’m an older chap, I get that people shop online now and those shops aren’t as needed as they were back in the day, but it’s nice to think smaller shops locally owned can be housed there and along with eating places and that it could be proper lovely.

I’m not sure about what the plans are for the rest of St Helens, but I know they have lots under way so for myself I’m happy to hear it and look forward to see it.

Just hope they install some nice seating overlooking the canal side too for us pensioners.

I’m fed up of hearing negative stuff, times move on. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, but we need to make the best of it.

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