I SEE there has been a torrent of online comments mainly condemning Miller Homes’ plan to erect 337 stylish modern, (surely a contradiction in terms) homes on fields in Rainford.

And of course the dreaded Nimby word has been crudely weaponised once more against people who simply do not want to see the farmland embracing their village disappear under yet another uninspiring estate.

You may as well throw in the towel and build on all the open space between here and Windle Island. Think I’m joking. It’s what’s happening in West Lancs.

So Miller are staging a ‘consultation’ with the community, but if they and St Helens Council want to ensure a truly democratic outcome, why not hold a simple referendum? The effects of swamping our green zone with projects like this could have far greater impact on villagers' lives than Brexit.

Some comments point to dire consequences with big impacts on schooling, healthcare, traffic and road safety given this would fuel a sizeable increase in the population of people and cars.

Just what is the masterplan to cope…install a few mini islands on Rookery Lane, more online medical consultations and schooling?

But a bigger danger looms. It’s all part of the attempted massive sell-off of prime farmland just when agriculture needs to be re-energised not auctioned off in the pursuit of profit … think Ukraine and Mad Vlad.

Imagine if in 1939 farmers had got the ok to ‘grow’ housing estates on fields instead of vital crops to keep the nation fed during wartime.

Talking of farming: should the proposals get pitchforked onto the muck heap, St Helens Council would miss out on raking in a bumper harvest of 337 new council tax payments. Ooops I’m going full Nimby again.

SL (details supplied)