I NOTED with interest the latest proposals for Southport and Ainsdale to leave Merseyside and go back into Lancashire, joining neighbouring towns Ormskirk and Skelmersdale.

It has the backing of both the Tory MP for Southport and the Labour MP for West Lancs – so it has cross party support.

It seems a logical move on their part – but we have heard these noises before up there and they have come to nothing.

However, if they are successful in this bid I do hope that we in St Helens follow suit and join them.

It should have happened years ago, when they abolished the Metropolitan counties.

It is not a political mission – or an anti-Liverpool thing, I just think that for St Helens to retain what is left of its identity it needs to be in a county where it is not overshadowed or even overpowered by a big neighbour with its own very distinctive and powerful identity.

It would make more sense if St Helens were to link up with West Lancs.

And if they don’t want us we could see if Wigan and Leigh want break from Greater Manchester and join us in south Lancashire.

There should at least be a debate where those in favour of Merseyside and Liverpool City Region spell out what we really get in return for our membership.

I would be interested to know what other Star readers think.

Proud Sintelliner and Lancastrian

Dentons Green