I QUITE sympathise with the letter from Susan Chisnall over parking parasites that have appeared all over St Helens.

We in Billinge can go one better.

A veteran who has attended as our bugler at our Remembrance memorial for many years parked on the Stork car park as he had done many times. This was attended by our MP Conor McGinn, the Mayor, Parish Council and pupils from schools.

Not only the fact he had broken his arm and could have absented himself, but as veterans will do, he was present on parade and must have been in some discomfort.

A few weeks later he received a parking fine from the company that owns the site sold by Marston’s.

Par for the course, they would not rescind it. What wonderful thanks for a veteran giving such sterling service. At our last Parish Council meeting we decided to reimburse him with our grateful thanks.

Bill Bradbury, Billinge