AS a Saints season ticket holder I am very concerned about the parking facilities (or lack of them) when the new season starts.

The St Helens retail park, where most spectators go, is now controlled by Parking Eye and only gives two hour free parking but on match days we need more than that.

I understand the retail park is for shoppers but at that time of the night most of the shops are closed. Any away fans coming in February when it is dark will not see the notices on the high posts and end up with a fine.

I have contacted Saints and they say it’s in discussion now but as a stadium of that size the authorities should have prepared for this especially with the multi storey in town being demolished.

These private companies should not have ownership of the car parks, the council should. The closest car park now is Birchley Street but this is too far for the elderly or disabled.

It doesn’t matter how much is spent on the town if people can’t park and are forced away to other towns with free parking.

Sue Fairclough