NOW that the council has “sorted out” the town centre plans for St Helens and Earlestown and almost sorted out the old colliery site at Newton-le- Willows, could they please NOW direct their talents to some, shall we say, more menial tasks?

On Thursday, November 11, I had a real thrill driving up Rivington Road from its junction with Dentons Green Lane to Knowsley Road.

Never before have I had the “thrill” of negotiating traffic humps that also had deep potholes in them.

A real double whammy for those reckless enough to try to cross them at speed. Well thought out – I cannot think of any other council that would tackle such extreme challenges with such artistry to defeat speedsters.

Similar tactics are being used in Windle between Bleak Hill School and Kiln Lane. The potholes in Coronation Road, Hamilton Road , St Georges Avenue and Queens Drive are sites worthy of more publicity and I would hope to see many coach loads of tourists wending their way through them and marvelling at the artistry that now exists there.

Occasionally, some of those holes worthy of special note are highlighted with white paint but sadly it soon washes away.

We should all be eternally grateful knowing that our rate monies are being so well spent.

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