I AM writing on behalf of the Carmel College Student Council.

One of our main concerns this year is improving travel for both the local students and the public.

The number 10 bus, run by Arriva, is an extremely busy bus.

This bus in particular helps more than 4,000 students, combined in both St Helens College and Carmel College, plus numerous secondary schools along the bus route, and the members of public which is why this issue is so important to us.

We have started a change.org petition in order to address this situation.

Firstly, there are a limited number of buses that run in the morning to get us from both Liverpool and St Helens to college, which results in the buses filling up from as early as 7am.

Not only does this cause the students to be significantly late, but it also severely disrupts members of the public.

On some days, many students have been and continue to be left at the bus stop for up to two hours in the morning due to how fast the bus fills up.

This does not include how disruptive it is for the public who have various responsibilities to attend to, or those who cannot physically wait for the length of time it takes in the morning, significantly, to get on the bus.

The 10A is another bus that can get us to college, however it takes a significant amount of time longer than the 10 and there is a walk from the 10A stop to college which can prove to be difficult for students with health issues.

Furthermore, getting home from college can prove to be even more difficult with buses not showing up consistently.

Simply putting more buses on this route would be extremely beneficial to every single person who takes this route, but Arriva will not listen - hence we have started the petition.

Katelyn Willock, via sthelensstar.co.uk