I HEAR that the Tories have decided to give funds to Liverpool City Region’s transport infrastructure with a rumour that there’s a new train station in the offing here in St Helens. Carr Mill seems the likely candidate, but I have to ask - what happened to St Helens Junction?

It hasn’t escaped my attention that, in recent years, the Junction has been increasingly overlooked in favour of Lea Green, despite goodness knows how much spent on the car park. The station once used to have four trains into Liverpool each hour, three stopping services each half hour and an express service too.

Now, the station hosts just one train per hour into the city, making it very difficult for us locals. The express seems to stop at Lea Green instead now, though the short platform on this smaller station means that passengers wanting to get off at the station must use the front carriages only.

It seems to me like St Helens Junction is slowly but surely being wound up. It is certainly looking tired and the monstrosity that is the old Wheatsheaf Hotel hardly helps. How long before no trains at all stop here?

The town may well be getting a new station, but what does the future hold for the Junction?

Mark Cunliffe, Sutton