SO, on visiting the fantastic relocated library at World of Glass, I was confronted with the now dreaded text-to-pay parking signs with yet another operator in the town – Ocean Parking.

No, I’ve never heard of them either. What is the point of spending so much on the facility to then discourage its use? Personally, I really don’t like giving financial details to faceless companies to park.

Or maybe just have one supplier for the borough? Of course it’s been a prime free town centre parking spot that has been abused by people not using the facility because it hasn’t been managed for years. But penalising actual users isn’t the way to go either. And making people with real access issues pay to get to library facilities is just wrong.

If you have to have a parking system, then perhaps have a reg number system inside with an hour’s grace period for library users and perhaps three for World of Glass.

Or watch the footfall numbers tumble. Personally, I’ll be sticking to my local library from now on; it’s too much hassle.

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