THIS time of year, as an American-British person living in St Helens, I often get asked about Halloween in the US and the custom of trick or treating.

Here are some general guidelines people usually follow for trick or treaters on the night:

1. If you wish to participate in giving out treats, leave your outside light on or illuminate some Halloween decorations.

Houses not doing this signal that they’re not participating and should be avoided as not to disturb the residents.

2. Children should ring the doorbell or knock on the door and yell “Trick or treat!” They should open their trick-or-treat bags and present them to the person giving out treats.

3. All candy should be in their original wrappers. Home-baked treats or apples or popcorn balls are acceptable from people you know and trust. Small toys are another option. Coins are also sometimes given out, particularly if you run out of candy!

4. Children should not linger unless asked to do a trick or have their picture taken. Once the goodies are given out, the kids should leave and go on to the next house.

5. Only one visit per house per Halloween night.

6. All treats should be checked when the child returns home before they’re eaten. Anything that looks old or unsafe should be thrown out.

I hope these tips are helpful.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone. Boo!

Lynette E Adams, aka ‘Zelda the Witch’ 

Thatto Heath