IS anyone, like me, just fed up of being told to go online or press a button?

If I make a phone call, it is because I wish to speak to a human being, not to be told to listen and choose a number to press, none of which has the slightest indication that I will be able to speak to someone.

What about all those people who do not have a computer or who are able to only to do the basics online?

I am fed up with the Covid excuse as well. It is an excuse not to deal with people or talk to people.

We all complain about the doctors not doing face to face, but what about all these other companies and services that do not want to talk or have contact with the public, except online?

I feel like the forgotten generation. Old fashioned I have been called, but I am not, just fed up of the time I am wasting being put on hold or told to go online while trying to live my life and do the right things.

Freda Woolcock, by email