DURING the lockdowns over the last 18 months, a group of ex-Parkside colliery miners have kept their spirits up over Facebook through their group The Breakfast Club.

This band of ex-colliers and friends have hosted many virtual events such as the golden boot award for the best pair of shoes worn on a Saturday morning and the golden hegg (egg) award for the best picture of a cooked breakfast.

The club was the brainchild of John Prescott, from St Helens, an ex-coal cutter driver.

Now that the country has opened up, the ex-colliers meet up every Saturday morning to chew the fat on old times.

These men once kept the houses warm and helped supply the power stations and even though they may not see each other for months or years they react to each other like they have just started another shift.

John Prescott is an unassuming and humble man who has brought a smile to many ex-miners’ faces all over the country and world, with ex-miners living in Kent (like me), Australia and it’s even reported that there are some in Wigan!

I can’t praise this guy enough for the work he has done keeping the spirits up of retired men and some who are still working (like me).

It is often overlooked the work that normal, everyday people have done during these strange and in some cases lonely times for some of our ex-miners.

Tony Filson, via sthelensstar.co.uk