SO every year as we all know Spark in the Park takes place.

Since Covid, we haven’t been able to have that and MANY other events.

This year, we have been able to go forward with festivals and events all over the UK such as Reminisce which took place in Sherdley Park St Helens around 3 weeks ago.

So tell me WHY, after assessing the potential impact it would have on public society, they choose to cancel it - as there are also no other free firework displays going ahead either?

Family and friends of St Helens look forward to going to Spark in the Park each year and as it didn’t take place last year, everyone was excited about it happening this year after everything that had happened due to Covid.

This was meant to be a fun time for everyone. I think it’s absolutely disgusting how they can throw a festival in the exact same place and then say, ‘No we can’t hold this firework display [because of] the potential impact it may have on public safety’.

We are all so disappointed and feel so let down that this has been called off because it is an event for families and friends to get together to celebrate a tradition.

Jenna Williams, via