IT IS a week since Reminisce took place and it is still being dismantled, even though the clean up operation was done quickly.

I find myself thinking is it a suitable place to have it when its a family park?

The park will take a long time to recover, I also wonder why it is ok to to have this festival where young children who are on the play area can see drunk party goers – and the drug element is still an issue.

The aftermath of the event left human faeces and condoms in bushes, partygoers were annoyed of how badly it was organised, some have said they left as they did not feel safe, health and safety is obviously an issue. As for how loud it was on top of everything else for local residents was disgusting.

I believe the festival should be relocated to a field somewhere where better restrictions could be enforced for the safety of its partygoers and bring our park back to being a family park.

It is a shame the Sherdley Show has gone as it was a fun day out for everyone.

Chris Shaw, Sutton