I HAVE recently started visiting Taylor Park with my two small dogs both kept on their leads.

Both are rescue animals and one a very nervous dachshund cross finds larger dogs intimidating.

I have sadly noticed there are more and more irresponsible owners allowing their animals to wander off leads.

The only thing predictable about animals is their unpredictability.

Thinking I would best avoid these uncontrolled dogs, I decided to walk the path along side Carmel College, a beautiful path.

All was fine even though we had to dodge a few enthusiastic cyclists, until the turn towards the park just before the farm.

It is a lovely broad path however two women had a greyhound type dog and a mid sized cockapoodle type both off leads.

Both were wandering with no verbal command from the owners.

Tess my dachshund cross is fine as long as large dogs don’t come right up to her which of course these two did.

She panicked trying to escape behind me.

I shouted the owners to please call their dogs as mine was finding it distressing.

They both looked at me and said nothing.

I then shouted PLEASE to emphasise my request.

Still there was not a word or acknowledgement.

Finally the younger of the two called one of the dogs to come away.

I found the lack of awareness or concern for another’s animal quite disgusting – they could see the panicked dachshund.

Taylor Park has too many uncontrolled dogs and some owners need to take more responsibility. I feel the lack of any signage or warning of fines is not good enough.

It is not only dogs that are at risk, will authorities only sit up and listen when a human gets hurt?

Dog walker, details submitted