WHY are the police not doing anything about the groups of the unruly men and women who are drinking and taking drugs openly in Victoria Square?

This is happening right outside all the council buildings and right under the noses of the CCTV cameras.

I am sick of seeing them daily abusing members of the public who are going about their daily lives peacefully, they constantly ask for money and cigarettes from anyone who has the misfortune to be on Victoria Square at the time and get aggressive and abusive with the public when they don’t get what they want.

It is not good to see and hear the taunts and gestures that they make towards passing women in the square and I can’t even start to imagine what visitors to the town think when they see them sitting on the benches next to the war memorial throwing up and carrying on and creating.

I know this is very normal in most towns nowadays, but please let’s do something about this in St Helens.

Name and address submitted